July 27th - 31st 2020 The Blooming Business of Weddings: PART 2
July 27th - 31st 2020 The Blooming Business of Weddings: PART 2

This concentrated weddings intensive takes you through all that is floral about weddings in color matching and blending, understanding seasonality and more. The entire week of July 27th - 31st is dedicated time to work as you see fit, schedule times that work with your schedule and give you the sense of creative freedom to explore your unique wedding style. 

YOUR Blooming Business of Weddings: Fresh Flowers from CALIFORNIA Flower Growers
Characteristic Survey: All participants will get a Q&A form to fill out so I can get to know what you are interested in learning for your wedding business. We will discuss things such as color pairings, contemporary or traditional style, garden mixtures or minimalistic varieties. Bouquet, Boutonniere, Corsages, Halos, Centerpieces and accents that you need more direction on  and what questions you have or specific things you're REALLY interested in that I can guide you towards success.

Personalized Box just for YOU: After the form and decisions made on your own personal floral journey everyone will receive a box of Fresh Flowers directly from California Flower Growers that meets your own style. In addition to the fresh flowers there will be a box of materials and mechanics coming your way that will include all of the items you will need to create your specific Bouquet, Boutonniere, Corsage, Halo and Centerpiece. We will find a time so that together we talk tips and steps for composition success. 

You and Me 1:1: This class is an intimate 1:1 experience and you will work directly with me as your personal consultant and professional to answer questions that you have as well as discover avenues for your own personal success. 4 hours either all at once or broken up in two 120 minute sessions. 

In addition you will get the:

Jenny T 3 part Video Series ADVANCED Wedding Flowers: Modern Wire Based Bouquets, Wired Bouquet and Wired Based Bouquet and Roots