The Presenting In Excellence Scholarship creates the opportunity for registrants to achieve their commentating dreams. Launched just this year, the scholarship program is funded by both Jody McLeod and Jenny Thomasson and will be awarded to 10 people. The criteria is simple, write us a message below about why you would benefit from this $200 scholarship and your beliefs about the importance of communication and presentation skills. The 10 people who are awarded this scholarship will be signed up for the Floral Educator: Commentating and Teaching Workshop January 10th - 13th. 

With this workshop experience you will gain the knowledge on how you can effectively provide information, speak professionally about your creative business, show off your skills and knowledge of the industry, as well as your personality. As a floral commentator, you need to be able to use data and previous experiences to draw new conclusions and being brave enough to predict possible impacts or changes that may occur to our industry. This investment will give you all the tools and awareness needed to begin a new journey in your ways of presenting and commentating. Whether it’s in your own town, your own state, or around the world you will shine like a STAR! This course is open to all ages, skill levels and experience.