Floral Immersion II : Total Transformation
Oct 14-15

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Seasonal floral design allows floral artists the opportunity to flex their creative muscles by using delicious seasonal florals, colors, and textures. This two-day intensive with instructor Jenny Thomasson, will be an exploration of the more advanced avenues of the potential of the offerings in floral art. Seasonal floral compositions are perfect for florists who want to continue to excite and invigorate their clientele with stunning seasonal floral designs, or flower-lovers looking to elevate their repertoire. 

Over two days you will take a deep-dive into color theory, texture exploration, as well as high-level concepts in regards to balance and proportion. Each of these lessons are taught through Jenny’s signature and renowned structure-building techniques. You’ll learn to create gorgeous seasonality throughout all pieces in the future including bouquets, tabletop designs, and large structure installations. You will participate in lectures that demonstrate the importance of balance and harmony as well as the concepts of Fibonacci and the Golden Ration and their implementation in floristry. We will also discuss the design process when creating seasonal themes through floral selection, color pairing, and textural components.

Each day will include intimate lectures and demonstrations followed by a hands-on floral design session incorporating all your new skills. Fresh, seasonal, and gorgeous flowers in abundance are included for each hands-on session and Jenny will provide one-on-one feedback throughout.

One of our students favorite parts of these 2-day intensives is the opportunity to meet and build a community with other florists, floral designers, and flower-lovers. Build relationships with wonderful people who share your passions while designing or sharing a meal, and enjoy being surrounded by all your new friends. Every two-day course includes professional headshots and photography of all your floral designs for you to use on your websites, portfolios or on social media. 



What Will I Learn / Itinerary Outline


Day 1: Advanced Art Techniques For Seasonal Designs

  • Lesson 1: Lecture & Demonstration on Balance & Harmony
  • Lesson 2: Lecture & Demonstration on Incorporating Fibonacci and the Golden Ratio
  • Gourmet Lunch Provided
  • 3-Hour Hands-on floral design session

Day 2: Transformed by Texture & Color

  • Lesson 1: Lecture & Demonstration on Advanced Textures & Color Theory
  • Lesson 2: Seasonal Structure Building with a Focus on Texture & Color
  • Gourmet Lunch provided
  • 3-Hour Hands-on floral design session
  • Photoshoot


What is Included

  • 10+ hours of lessons, demonstrations and Q&A with instructor Jenny Thomasson
  • 9+ hours of hands-on floral design, all seasonal and premium flowers included
  • 2 Gourmet lunches, one offsite dinner in Dallas, all coffee and snacks
  • Professional photoshoot, headshots, and images of your work for your website, portfolio or social media
  • All floral design tools will be provided
    Floral Immersion II : Total Transformation<br><i>Oct 14-15</i>
    Floral Immersion II : Total Transformation<br><i>Oct 14-15</i>
    Floral Immersion II : Total Transformation<br><i>Oct 14-15</i>
    Floral Immersion II : Total Transformation<br><i>Oct 14-15</i>