Perishable Poetics

Manifesting Emotion Through Contemporary Floral Design

Jenny Thomasson (AIFD, PFCI, EMC)

"Take materials that are not meant to be, and make them be." pg. 81


The best part of my business, in particular, is that it is a journey of self discovery. Through the process of discovering myself and my craft simultaneously, I open myself up unapologetically as a guide, focused not on success, but instead on the road to get there. Humility, grace, and creating without fear of failure or dislike but creating for me. In the process of the journey I allowed myself to use emotion for creative design. Wanting to be completely raw, without worry of judgement, an open book about my feelings and underlying emotion for the book. It was a risk worth taking. This process (the book, the poetry) was a building of my 3 W's and the chapters: I, You, Us. Translated to: Where were you? Where are you? Where are you going? Little did I know how important this idea would be and how it can translate to the space we find ourselves in today. I am inviting you to immerse in the piece with open arms and an open heart.  


"Understand that we are not the pieces that we create. We are all players in the process of creating. The experience, the journey, the story, the people: these all matter much more than the art itself. How can we extract more, live in elevated sensation, and become idols in our mind." pg. 129


"Creative processes take nurturing. Practice. Unique to the individual. Some take moments, and others, years. Sculpture that has been waiting on the shelf, wax stored away, fresh and dried material all sensing the time abreast for their destiny, begging to be changed and used. patience is required. Focus, desired. Time is paramount." pg. 85


Immerse yourself in this invaluable creative resource for those who work in, are inspired by, and are finding their own voice in floral design.