DRD Institute of Floristry

The DRD Institute of Floristry, opened in 2019 in Dallas, Texas was a passion project of florist Dr Delphinium Designs & Events. After teaching floral workshops for over a decade to local flower-lovers, the official school was born after purchasing a large Design Center, painting a mural of their signature flower, the delphinium, and building a state-of-the-art classroom inside. The DRD Institute of Floristry teaches single-night courses through the Dr Delphinium Flower Institute, and advanced multi-day workshops with Jenny T Floristry. Visitors to the DRD Institute of Floristry get the opportunity to tour the Design Center, getting a peek behind the scenes of the luxury Dallas florist, sample wines and gourmet foods sourced from artisans in Texas and nationwide, and, of course, get elbow deep in fresh flowers.

Students Will Enjoy:

  • All florals provided. Sourced from growers, seasonal fresh flowers are flown in weekly for student classes
  • All tools provided, including knives, clippers, vases and more.
  • A tour of the Dr Delphinium Design Center
  • Wine, snacks, gourmet foods sourced from artisans in Texas and nationwide.
  • One-on-one, small-classroom settings with direction from Jenny T

Upcoming Classes for the Calendar Year 2022: 

March 17th

March 22nd

March 29th & 30th

April 14th 

April 28th

May 12th

May 17th

June 14th

June 23rd

July 13th

July 20th & 21st

July 27th

Aug 16th

September 15th

September 29th

October 6th

October 19th

November 10th

November 22nd

December 1st

December 14th

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