Onsite & Virtual Workshops

Reinvigorate inspiration, increase your skill levels, learn new techniques and much more with onsite workshops from Jenny Thomasson. Host 1-3 day workshops at your location, in your own creative environment, @ the DrD Institute or schedule a time for virtual sessions. Work with Jenny to create an itinerary, discuss desired educational outcome, and select course themes. Onsite workshops include a mix of lecture and demonstration followed by hands-on immersive floral design. Workshops are completely customizable. View upcoming workshops to see examples of daily itineraries. 

Designing Your Workshop

1. Select Your Time Frame

1, 2 or 3-day workshops.

Longer workshops may be available upon request.

2. Select Your Location

Your Shop/Location


The DRD institute of Floristry

Dallas, TX

Virtual or 1:1

3. Select Your Topic

1. Everyday Florals & the Principals and Elements of design

2. Wedding Design & Installation

3. Corporate & Business Design

& Installation

4. Sculptural & Artistic Floral
5. Personal Flowers & Headdresses 
6. Self-Exploration and Finding
Your Voice
7. Color theory... and many more!

Let's Design Your Workshop