The Workshop Experience

Learn more about evening, single or multiple day workshops with Jenny T held on site or at the DRD Institute of Floristry

The Flowers

The absolute perfect environment for flower enthusiasts and floral design lovers. We have access to hundreds, if not thousands of the most exquisite blooms that are available and an abundance of vessels and containers in which to choose from. Everything from trendy to practical, exotic to garden, organic to industrial. Our location is truly an artistic playground I'm happy to share with you!

The Lessons

Each day includes 3+ hours of intimate instruction, demonstrations, and lessons on a variety of topics. These lessons are more like a one-on-one conversation with a friend, as Jenny keeps it conversational with continuing Q&A. 

The lessons are fun and interactive, with exciting new skills you can implement into your floral design.

The Community

The workshop experience is highly focused on community-building. You'll meet other floral designers and flower-lovers, enjoy lunches with them and laugh together. It's the perfect environment to feel the creativity of community, get inspired, and build longlasting relationships with peers who share your passion.

The City & The Institute

Jenny T has partnered with the DRD Institute of Floristy in Dallas, Texas for many of her workshops. Located near the heart of downtown, The School is inside acclaimed florist, Dr Delphinium Design & Events Design Center. Workshop attendees will get a behind-the-scenes look at the luxury florist.

The Extras

Extras for students include:

  • All flowers, tools, and aprons are included during the workshop
  • Gourmet snacks, drinks, coffee, tea, and more provided daily
  • Lunches provided from local Dallas restaurants
  • Professional photography of you and your work for personal use, portfolios, advertising, and social media
  • Behind-the-scenes tour of Dallas florist, Dr Delphinium Designs & Events