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Jenny T Floristry

Become a Certified Floral Designer with a 1:1 class & Jenny T

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DRD INSTITUTE & CFD Certification Information
with Jenny T

- Sign up for the 1:1 Certified Floral Designer class with Jenny T and follow along in a 5 full day immersive experience in floristry.

- The first four days will cover extensive works through different styles and techniques of floral design. You will learn to understand the principals and elements of design as well as how to properly price botanical compositions. 

- On the final day you will have the opportunity to test and show off your knowledge from the week of studies through the CFD Testing Session.

- The CFD Testing Session will be made up of 5 segments. Each segment you will be given a surprise package of flowers and a category of design to create. This will be modeled after the actual AIFD Professional Design Evaluation (PFDE), given for those looking to receive their AIFD accreditation. You will be given time at the beginning of each session to review your materials and sketch your plan. Then, you will be allowed 45 minutes to create your design. At that point, verbal critiques will be given, followed by written evaluation, keeping in line with the official AIFD evaluating procedures based on the Principles and Elements of design.

- The CFD Testing Session will be judged and based on the 5 design qualifications & your information sent to AIFD headquarters for a recommended invitation to take your CFD online test. You will receive an email invitation along with the CFD Application.

- You will then submit the completed application and the $149 certification fee to cover the test review and processing at AIFD headquarters. 

- Take the AIFD online test based on the AIFD Guide to Floral Design (the required textbook for the CFD program) and receive an 80% or higher within two (2) weeks of receiving access to the online test. 

- You are allowed 45 minutes to complete 55 questions and you may use your AIFD Guide to Floral Design book during the test. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the textbook and use it as a tool in your path to discovering your skills in floristry. Once you are done with the test you will see your results immediately. 

- Once you pass, you will receive a ‘Congratulations’ email along with your CFD certificate and official pin in the mail. 

- When you become CFD, you are eligible for a one-time grant of $250 to put towards your PFDE fees if you want to test to become an accredited member at the National AIFD Symposium. 

The CFD Testing Sessions are taking place with Jenny T on a 1:1 basis

Call Jenny Thomasson @ 806-441-6722 to register or visit her website online

Any Questions? Feel free to reach out to the instructor