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Jenny T Floristry

On-Site Flower Shop Training by Jenny T (At your location)

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Jenny T, and her wealth of knowledge is now offering the opportunity to work with you and your staff on training, profitability, design direction, evaluations and product development. This is a unique consulting and hands on method by letting your space and designers host Jenny T and allowing the experience to come to you. Each shop is different and each shops needs are special to them. This is taken into consideration when planning the days of the training and the topics that are chosen to focus on.

When thinking of having a consultant come into your shop for training you have the special ability to put a microscope on an area or multiple areas of your business that you want to focus on. Working with your manager to make sure that the schedules all line up so dedicated time can be made for a truly immersive experience. 


Topics that have been successful at other shops I have been to for training: 


COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) analysis

Streamlining for productivity 

Profitability with flower and plant design

Design basics 101 with new Designer handout

Website overview

Product Development 

Full section overhaul

Design Spreadsheets for price variants



$900 per day (7 hour day) + flowers, travel & expenses